Directions to Golf Hideaway

Here we provide detailed directions to get to Golf Hideaway.

  1. By Taxi
  2. By MTR
  3. By Bus
  4. By Car (Where to Park)


The easiest thing to do is tell the Taxi Driver to go to HARBOUR PLAZA NORTH POINT HOTEL.  From there, it’s a 50m walk West (back towards central) down Kings Road.  The actual address is:

Tung Chong Building
657-659 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong



Take the MTR to Quarry Bay and walk out of Exit C

After coming out of Exit C, walk down this street, turn left and you’ll immediately see a pedestrian crossing.

Cross the road, walk about 50m and you’ll see the entrance to Tung Chong Factory Building.

Entrance Looks Like This

The Lift Can Be a Bit Slow.  Take the stairs to warm up for your round!


There’s a few buses that stop right outside (literally a few steps) the entrance. Here’s the buses:


Get on the Island Eastern Corridor highway and take the Exit for Quarry Bay.  You’ll come down a ramp, stay in the second from the right lane.  Once off the ramp you’ll reach a set of traffic lights.  Go straight, if you see no cars/trucks parked on the right side, you can go in that lane, otherwise stay in the second from the right lane otherwise you’ll get blocked!  Immediately after the second traffic lights (about 150m after the first traffic lights) you will see the entrance to Harbour Plaza North Point Hotel and Prosperity Millennia Plaza Car Park.  (It’s on the right side of the road).  Looks like this:

Drive in and you will see the entrance to Prosperity Millennia Plaza Car Park which looks like this:

This is the closest car park and is about 20 meters walk. From the car park you will walk up some stairs and come out on Java Road (Parallel to King’s Road), so just walk across to Kings Road, turn right, walk 10-20meters and you’ll see the entrance to Tung Chong Factory Building.

If this Car park is full, simply drive back out to Java Road, you will need to drive across to the left side and make the first left:

Then make the first right.  You’ll be driving down Hoi Chak Street. After about 100 metres you will see the entrance to Kerry Centre Car Park (below)

Visitor Parking is on B4, a few levels down.  Take the lift up, you’ll come out of the lobby of Kerry Centre, exit out to King’s Road then walk right, cross the crossing, you’ll pass Harbour Plaza North Point Hotel and in another 20 meters you’ll find Tung Chong Factory Building.

In the very unlikely event this car park is full (I’ve never been there when it’s been full), there is another car park.  In order to get to this, you will need to drive back out of the car park, turn left, left again (onto Java Road), then left onto King’s Road.  Stay in the left lane and drive about 100 meters.  The entrance is not that easy to spot.  Drive slowly and you will see the below:

Here are the Google Maps for all 3 car parks if you want to navigate your way to each of the 3 car parks:

Prosperity Millennia Plaza Car Park

Kerry Center Car Park

Royal Terrace Car Park